Become an Interior Designer

Become an Interior Designer

In order to become a Registered member of ARIDO, individuals must meet the prescribed standards as outlined by ARIDO. These prescribed standards are a combination of required Education, Experience and Examination.


Individuals applying for Registered membership must have graduated from an interior design program that meets the body of knowledge for interior design. Click here to view the current listing of ARIDO-recognized interior design programs in Ontario.

ARIDO currently recognizes a three-year Ontario College Advanced Diploma as a minimum education credential. However, the approved upcoming changes will result in higher education requirements. Click here to obtain more information about the upcoming changes to standards

infoAlternative Pathways into ARIDO Membership
In 2014, ARIDO began an undertaking to set a clear direction for ensuring fair access to all applicants, including a recommendation to move toward the assessment of qualifications based on competencies rather than credentials. With the initial review process now complete, the next phase of the project is scheduled to begin as of May 2015, following a public consultation period. Click here to learn more

Foreign Educated / Trained Applicants

ARIDO currently has in place a review process for the applicants who have graduated from a school outside of Ontario and/or Canada. Foreign Educated and/or Trained applicants will need to submit a credential assessment of their education along with their transcripts. The credential assessment should be performed by a third-party independent assessment body such as World Education Services (WES) or Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada (ACESC).

Foreign Educated and/or Trained applicants are also required to complete a questionnaire detailing their education and experience. ARIDO's Membership Committee will then review the membership application and supporting documents to determine if the individual meets the current criteria to qualify for ARIDO membership. Additionally, the Membership Committee may also request an in-person interview and portfolio review with the applicant. For more information including a copy of the questionnaire, please contact


An ARIDO Intern wishing to become a Registered member must obtain the required amount of supervised work experience in order to qualify to write the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) examinations.

The supervised work experience requirement ensures that applicants for Registered membership are receiving quality work experience that will shape and build their skills as a future interior designer. Click here for more information about supervised work experience requirements.


An ARIDO Intern member who has met the education and experience requirements must complete the final step along the path to becoming a Registered member : examination. The Council for Interior Design Qualification (CIDQ) is the recognized examination body throughout North America, including Canada. The NCIDQ examinations test an applicant on the knowledge and experience required in order to create interior spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and safe.

The NCIDQ examination consists of two multiple choice sections and a drawing practicum entirely focused on health, safety and welfare. While interior designers must possess knowledge in many areas, such as accounting, human resources and aesthetics, the NCIDQ examination tests knowledge in only those areas that relate to health, safety and welfare.

For more information on the NCIDQ examinations, visit the CIDQ website.